Posted On Thu, January 21 2021


Effective Dec.2020 Solaris Biotechnology Srl, Italy has appointed IT Tech Singapore, and IT Tech Research Malaysia as distributor of Solaris products from Italy.

Solaris is an Italian company focusing on fermenters and bioreactors for R&D and production purposes. It is a manufacturer and provider of Biotech Solutions. Solaris supplies series of Fermenters and Bioreactors in varying size to meet different requirements. Solaris divides its activities in two branches: Solaris Lab, and Solaris Industrial.

Solaris Industrial - Solaris’ pilot and industrial fermenters and bioreactors offer completely customizable, cGMP and highly automated solutions that are tailored according to customers’ specific needs. Volumes range from 5 Lit up to 30.000 Lit and more.

Solaris Lab- Solaris benchtop fermenters and bioreactors provide efficient platforms for R&D and product development applications. Lab scale systems are conceived to be extremely flexible and scalable using the very same powerful and intuitive automation and software.