Posted On Tue, January 26 2021

Effective Dec.2020 Genimpex srl, Italy has appointed IT Tech Singapore as distributor of Saluber product (Multilayer Antibacterial Sticky Mat) from Italy. Genimpex is a dynamic company in the medical devices market since 1996.
SALUBER is a mat used in all environments that require the total absence of contaminating agents and the preservation of high hygiene levels.

• Reduction of foot borne contamination
• Facilitates cart and foot traffic
• 30 layers of instant renewed protection
• Anti-bacterial element
• Made in Europe

Typical Application
• Hospitals
• Private clinics
• Private medical surgeries
• Clinical analysis laboratories
• Dentistry and stomatitis centre
• Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industries
• Semiconductor Electronics laboratories
• Linoleum floors retailers
• Sport center
• Opticians and optical shops