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Helium Leak Testing

ITTECH introduces a state-of-the-art inspection technique to detect leaks in the negative pressure parts of Steam Condensers.Air-in-leakage is one of the worst obstacles of the Condenser’s vacuum system, which undermines the performance of the equipment

Air-in-leak results in blanketing tube surface from the steam side thereby reducing heat transfer efficiency, as air is a bad conductor of heat. Also the back pressure increase due to air in leakage causes an increase in dissolved oxygen in the condensate resulting in deposition in water wall and super heater tubes of the Boiler, turbine blades thereby leading to generation loss, extra fuel consumption etc.

Hence an early detection of leaks and arresting them would definitely improve the performance of the condenser. It is very important that the negative pressure part system of the condenser / turbine should not be neglected at any cost.

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