GsBP-1 Non-Polar, GC Columns, Length 10m, I.D 0.1mm, Film Thickness 0.1um

$400.00 $325.00

  • 100 % poly(methylsiloxane) phase, non-polar, equivalent to USP G1, G2, G38
  • Similar Products: Agilent: 127-1012, CP7311
  • Equivalent to DB-1, HP-1, HP-Ultra 1, Rtx-1, ZB-1, SPB-1
  • Temperature Limits (C): -60 to 325/350


GsBP-1, 10m x 0.10mm x 0.10um

GsBP-1, 10m x 0.10mm x 0.10um.Typical Applications: Aldehyde and Ketone, Anabolic Steriods, Anticonvulsants, Aromatics I, Aromatics in Gasoline – ASTM Method 5769, Citronella Java Oil, Common Industrial Solvents, Denatured Fuel Ethanol – ASTM D5501,