Benchtop Fermenters and Bioreactors


Single & parallel autoclavable stirred mini-fermenter/bioreactor

IO is a completely electrical mini fermenter/bioreactor with a fast and accurate thermoregulation system (without water circulation).

With total volumes of 200ml or 1000ml, it represents an innovative device for process development and media optimization.


Six Lab Colors


  • Innovative SCADA software LEONARDO 3.0: a smart and user-friendly controller designed to provide a high level of automated management of the fermentation/cultivation processes.
  • Full version included in the equipment supply.
  • Up to 24 units managed in parallel with a unique HMI (24”).
  • Data extraction in .csv format.
  • Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone, with QR code scanning or dedicated portal.
  • Remote control for after sale assistance.