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Posted On Mon, October 30 2023

Discover ITTech's laboratory furniture solutions, designed for safety, and efficiency, and tailored to your research needs. Elevate your workspace with quality and customized lab furniture.

Posted On Wed, October 25 2023

Elevate your lab space with tailored solutions, expert guidance, and regulatory compliance.

Posted On Fri, June 23 2023

U.S. regulators have approved the sales of cell-cultured chicken to customers in a landmark decision.

Posted On Fri, April 28 2023

This was possible thanks to their collaboration with Singapore-based Umami Meats.

Posted On Mon, March 27 2023

Lab-grown meats are a step closer to American dinner plates

Posted On Thu, January 26 2023

This is a technical and regulatory milestone for the cultivated meat industry

Posted On Wed, December 14 2022

Huber’s Butchery, the first butchery to sell cultivated meat in 2023

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